Presidents Desk

Mike Davis

A Message From The President

This year marks the 58th. Anniversary of New Frontier Democratic Club. We enthusiastically prepare to celebrate this milestone in the continuing development of our club’s legacy of community service. We are still helping progressive people get elected after over five decades of activism in the Democratic Party.

This year also marks the 53rd. Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a very important policy in the history of the Civil Rights Movement in this country. We will convene a conference at the University of Southern California focusing on why we need the voting rights act and what we can do to preserve this policy as an effective tool for generations to come.

This year we are proud to bestow the Milestone Award upon the leaders the club will recognize in our special events this year. This award represents the milestone in our history and the milestone accomplishments of our honorees.

We appreciate the participation of the members of our great organization. If you are a member and would like to volunteer on one of our committees or one of our special projects please contact us. You are New Frontier Democratic Club. Please feel free to join New Frontier on line or by attending one of our monthly meetings where we have a featured speaker discussing major policy issues of our day.

We have much work to do in the days ahead.

Very truly yours,

Mike Davis, President
New Frontier Democratic Club


The New Frontier Democratic Club is proud to introduce our new website. Currently, it’s still in development as more sections and features are added, so stay tuned!

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The New Frontier Democratic Club