Presidents Desk

Mike Davis

A Message From The President


Welcome to the New Frontier Democratic Club website. In 1960, a group of African American community activists decided to develop a Democratic Club in Los Angeles after hearing an inspirational speech by U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy. While speaking at the 1960 Democratic National Convention here, Senator Kennedy, a candidate for President, mentioned that America was about to embark upon a New Frontier of inclusion and diversity. Thus, the New Frontier Democratic Club was established.

Those words Senator Kennedy spoke are as motivating today as they were back then. We have a once in a century challenge while also still fighting for equity. We confront an international pandemic today. This reportedly happens every one- hundred years. Thousands of lives have been lost as we have endured the struggle for leaders to make rational decisions to protect the public and make them safe. Wearing a mask, washing our hands regularly, and keeping at least six feet social distance must be a way of life for survival. Yet, another pandemic has been just as dominant in our lives today. Racial discrimination, both implicit and explicit, has been consistent, and persistently present. The George Floyd case gave focus to the fact that African Americans have been the target of many cases of brutality throughout the country for various reasons which need to be addressed and corrected. We appreciate leaders who act towards solutions.

A Racial equity program has been implemented by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. We have work to do to increase, not only diversity of minorities, but inclusion of African Americans in public education, government jobs. and public contracts. Politically, we aspire for African Americans to be included at the city, county, state, and federal levels of government. There is a need for African Americans to run for office and to contribute to improving the quality of life for others. When we are not at the table, our experience is that we have been on the menu for exclusion.

Interviewing candidates, participating in outreach to voters, conducting discussions on often forgotten subjects impacting the African American community is what New Frontier Democratic Club aspires to do. We welcome you to join us as we also seek to support progressive candidates throughout our state and country who will make a difference. We challenge the Democratic Party to be what it ought to be. We believe you can help because you have something to offer. We are excited about working with the new administration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. We are committed to do our part to help others experience the American Dream!

Please join us every third Tuesday at 6:00 pm by signing into our virtual monthly meetings from this website.

Hon. Dr. Michael R. Davis (ret.),, President
New Frontier Democratic Club