Precise Focus


The New Frontier Democratic Club through the use of increased forums, surveys and other outlets improve our ongoing dialogue with the community.


The political spotlight is ever moving. The NFDC can’t educate our community on all the issues but we can keep you abreast of the various forums, town halls and other events to help you stay on top of the conversation.


It’s all about the numbers when it comes to votes, coalitions and consensus building. Yet in the final analysis those numbers always get around to impacting your bottom line.


Whether the New Frontier Democratic Club or other community organization, it’s time that every member of our community join or support an organization that is out there on the front lines representing our people.

A future of
progress for
our community
by our community

Our greatest gains have come when we’ve gathered as a community to further our collective objectives, securing our collective needs. We need members, input and solutions from every part of our community. We want to hear from you.

  • Join
  • Identify Your Needs
  • Make Your Voice Heard
  • Engage Your Community
  • Challenge Your Circle
  • Enable Other Voices

Of Lunch Counters and Buses

Sometimes it is a simple act by the young, the innocent and the hopeful that fires the resolve of those of us charged to protect them and reminds us that we all have a part to play. From stalwarts not giving up seats on buses or our youth refusing to leave their stools, demanding to be served at a lunch counter, it has taken all of us to move us forward. While parents fought to keep our young out of the marches of old for fear of their safety, the young and the young adults have always reminded us in action and deed, that they are never not under threat and have pushed us, if not reminded us that they are willing to and will be accountable for their own gains as well as ours.

As today’s young activist raise their voices in challenge and advocacy, it is important for us to remember, they are never not under threat and they are willing to stand with us. We are a single community of many interest, needs and talents. We would all be well reminded that the forces aligned against us, do not care about age nor social standing. The question then becomes how can we not then hear our own and stand with them as they have always stood with us.

The New Frontier Democratic Club is committed to hearing all sides and all interest then moving forward. We don’t want just complaints however, we want solutions. Our goal is a community that sees solutions in terms of legislation, future planning and most importantly bringers of change. The NFDC is further committed to working with our younger community to understand what it takes to step into leadership factoring how in the modern digital age, there are many more ways to damage one’s elect-ability as well as weaken chances to helm legislative change.

We are a single community, a single collective; not unlike a single sky composed of many stars and heavenly bodies differing in shape, size, age and function but each lending beauty to a single tapestry. Join the New Frontier Democratic Club in the fight to shape of future and to continue to manifest our collective will. We need you; we are you.