The Mission

Whether the New Frontier Democratic Club or other community organization, it’s time that every member of our community join or support an organization that is out there on the front lines representing our people. Historically most organizations are territorial and encourage you to be a part of their organization at the expense of all else. The truth however is that every organization has a different personality and soul. Whether ours or another find the one that matches up with you the most and join or at least give to that organization. Our community as a whole benefits.

If you’re parents of young children know that today’s legislation affects your children’s tomorrow. Bear in mind it’s not all about finances. From delivering fliers or making announcements at your church or organization about events that are coming up,
your participation is needed. Time and man power are always needed and appreciated.


The New Frontier Democratic Club is proud to introduce our new website. Currently, it’s still in development as more sections and features are added, so stay tuned!

Take this opportunity to subscribe to our email mailing list and if not, you may do so at any time in the future. Thanks for joining us on this exciting adventure, we appreciate your time and support.

The New Frontier Democratic Club