By The Numbers

It’s all about the numbers when it comes to votes, coalitions and consensus building. Yet in the final analysis those numbers always get around to impacting your bottom line. The reason is simple – inspiration for laws can come literally from anywhere but
intent aside, someone’s got to pay for it.

Sometimes it’s a proposed fix to a problem or an already existing law. There can be other driving forces as well but the most important thing to remember is a problem for some isn’t a problem for all. Equally a fix for one segment of the population can be a nightmare for another. Ballot Measures and Legislation take their first breath long before the ballot box. PTA meetings, kitchen tables, church forums and shared bus rides are only a few of the places legislation can be born in in our communities. This of course is opposite the board rooms, share holder meetings and lobbyist that are also shaping the conversation.

New Frontier Democratic Club follows these various conversations even when they’re slight rumblings to analyze the impact to our community and engage you in the debate well before the ballot process. More importantly We’re committed to encouraging our community to stop simply responding to the ballot but to proactively pursue getting things on the ballot that help our objectives.


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The New Frontier Democratic Club