Engaging With You

The most pressing and prominent issue facing the country today are politicians, lobbyist and advocates all pursuing their own agendas in the name of “We The People”. The responsibility to listen and actively seek input isn’t theirs alone. Every official, auxiliary and organization should have this charge and encourage input from the community.

The New Frontier Democratic Club through the use of increased forums, surveys and other outlets improve our ongoing dialogue with the community. This dialogue will serve as the foundation and lens for and through which we vet potential candidates and recommend or not potential legislation.

Articulating our needs as a community starts with knowing the challenges we currently face. The New Frontier Democratic Club is committed to working with the community to identify our challenges and revisit past initiatives to help evaluate our current trajectory as a community. To do this it is important that members of the community come forth not only with concerns and grievances but with solutions and a willingness to dedicate time and treasure in attaining our collective goals.

The community must then embrace your responsibility to engage with us, to agree and disagree for the purposes of informing and shaping this great Nation’s direction. Progress can only be gained through dialogue and the willingness to be accountable. The New Frontier Democratic Club chooses to instead of preaching to power, we will stand as models of what we which to see and receive, by first giving. We thank you in advance for the opportunity for dialogue.


The New Frontier Democratic Club is proud to introduce our new website. Currently, it’s still in development as more sections and features are added, so stay tuned!

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The New Frontier Democratic Club