Congratulations Dr. Ayanna Davis

Dr. Ayanna Davis

64th. Assembly District
Woman of the Year


Dr. Ayanna Davis is the Woman of the Year for the 64th Assembly District represented by Assemblyman MIke Gipson. Dr. Davis, a principal in the Los Angeles Unified School District, is also a member of the 64th Assembly District Committee where she helped to provide voter registration and education in the District. Additionally, Dr. Davis received her doctorate degree from the University of Southern California and is committed to increasing the academic performance of inner city students, A committed and dedicated educator for over 20 years, Dr. Davis will be serving as one of the new members of the Compton School Board this upcoming academic year. ” I am thrilled to have been chosen as “Woman of the Year” for the 64th Assembly District. I look forward to working to help close the achievement gap for our children in Compton Unified School District. I strongly believe one person can make a difference and look forward to serving the students, faculty, and community of the Compton Unified School District.

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